Re: yet another melody...

Date: Tue Apr 15 1997 - 20:32:58 EDT

Let me add another: Yankee Doodle. I learned both Greek and Hebrew alphabets
with this tune.

Al-pha, be-ta, gam-ma, del-ta,
Ep-si-lon, and ze-ta,
E-ta, the-ta, i'o-ta, kap-pa,
Lam-bda, now you're half way.
Mu, nu, xi, and o-mi-cron,
Pi, and rho, and sig-ma,
Tau and up-si-lon and phi, chi, psi,
And then o-me-ga.

This was our "opening hymn" for a few days when I taught Greek I. But I don't
know if it stuck with anyone else.

Joe Dapra
M. Div. student,
Calvary Theological Seminary
Kansas City, MO

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