RE: Mnemonics for the order of the alphabet

From: Albert Collver, III (
Date: Mon Apr 14 1997 - 09:25:32 EDT

How about the alpha, beta, gamma song by Callias (446 BC to 431 BC):

To alpha, bhta, gamma, delta, theou gar ei,
zht', hta, thht', iwta, kappa, labda, mu,
nu, psiei, to ou, pei, hrw, to sigma, tau, to u,
paron to phiei to chiei te tw phei eis to w.

I'll send you this in acrobat format as well.

Al Collver

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From: Jonathan Robie
Sent: Monday, April 14, 1997 5:20 AM
Subject: Mnemonics for the order of the alphabet

I don't want to reinvent the wheel. Somebody out there *has* to know a good
mnemonic for remembering the order of the Greek alphabet. Would you like to
share it with me?


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