Re: Mnemonics for the order of the alphabet

From: Nichael Cramer (
Date: Mon Apr 14 1997 - 09:28:01 EDT

Carl W. Conrad wrote:
> At 5:19 AM -0500 4/14/97, Jonathan Robie wrote:
> >I don't want to reinvent the wheel. Somebody out there *has* to know a good
> >mnemonic for remembering the order of the Greek alphabet. Would you like to
> >share it with me?
> This may be an instance of items requiring as an answer Euclid's "There is
> no royal road to learning." [...]

The following is, strictly speaking, not a mnemonic (as or a fortuitous
mispelling had it here earlier, a "pneumonic") but I've always found it useful
to split the alphabet up into groups of four letters:

  Alpha-Beta-Gamma-Delta (Almost exactly like English)
  Epsilon-Zeta-Eta-Theta (Completely unlike English, but fun to say)
  Iota-Kappa-Lambda-Mu (Again, almost like English, omitting the
                             weird letter "J")
  Nu-Xi-Omicron-Pi (Almost like English, the anomaly made easier
                             to remember by the Xi/Pi rhyme.)
  Rho-Sigma-Tau-Upsilon (Exactly like english)
  Phi-Chi-Psi-Omega! (Again, fun to say, building up to the final
                             Omega, which, presumably, everyone knows. ;-)

>From Vermont, where it's just started snowing outside my office window...

Nichael Cramer

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