Re: yet another melody...

From: Nichael Cramer (
Date: Tue Apr 15 1997 - 08:52:48 EDT

Jonathan Robie wrote:
> I like that! Actually, the "Hokey Pokey" seems to work, too:
> (You put your)
> right hand in, you put your right hand out
> alpha beta gamma del-ta ep- si- lon
> [...]
> right hand in, and you shake it all about
> eta theta iota kappa lamda mu nu
> [...]
> that's what it's all about
> phi chi psi o - mega!


Is this an insight into Tarheel Greek? I guess they pronounce things
different (or as we said in the Hoosier of my youth "differ'n") down there
in Durham, but here in Yankee land (where I live now) alpha, beta, eta,
theta each has two syllables, nu one, and iota three.

OTOH if the Dallas-ites I used to live among could get three syllables out
of the word "eight"...

> Now back to SGML repositories...

Ditto Perl...

> Jonathan

Nichael Cramer

(For the irony-impared==> ;-)

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