Acts 3:16 in Codex Bezae

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Clayton Bartholomew is another brave soul tackling Codex Bezae!

I'm heavily into grading seminar Referate, and have no time for an adequate
reply, but two comments may relieve his mind a bit.

First, this isn't one of those cases where D has an "impossible" (J. H. Ropes)
or "non-sensical" (my friend Eldon Epp, the latter-day Ropes) reading.
Vaticanus is about as puzzling in the first half of the verse, with many
suggestions having been made (see Moule's ingenious one coming from his
father, in Metzger). The whole verse in any reading is a tough, almost
baffling, one.

Second, a simple translational solution for the second half (the passage
you ask about specifically) is offered by Metzger:
        "And by faith in his name you behold this (man) and know that his
name has made him strong."

The Latin of Codex Bezae, by the way, does not have this odd reading.

Edward Hobbs


Your query:

I've been working my way through Acts in Codex Bezae and ran into some
difficulty in Acts 3:16. Took a look at Bruce Metzger's textual
commentary, and several critical commentaries. But I still have an
unresolved question or two.

Codex Bezae omits HON after TOUTON and inserts HOTI after OIDATE. This
changes the structure of the verse but how? In Codex Bezae TOUTON
appears to be the direct object of THEOREITE, but if it is the sentence
as a whole is difficult to scan. Also the syntactic role of TOUTON in
NA27 is difficult to sort out. Is TOUTON the direct object of ESTEROSEN
in Codex Bezae or in NA27 or both?

Could one of you help me out with a brutally literal translation of
Codex Bezae for Acts 3:16 and/or a few comments about the structure of
this verse in Codex Bezae vs. NA27.


Clayton Stirling Bartholomew

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