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try this link

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<table border width=100%><tr><th colspan=6>Totals for all 3 words that may occur in All Texts</th></tr><tr><td colspan=6><b>Note:</b> Clicking ML calls up the middle Liddell entry (if one exists).</td></tr>
<TR><TH>Words in Perseus</TH><th>Key</th><TH>Max. Inst.</TH><TH>Freq./10K</TH><TH>Min. Inst.</TH><TH>Freq./10K</TH></tr><tr><td align=center>3392479</td><th></th>
<td align=center>28</td>
<td align=center>0.08</td>
<td align=center>25</td>
<td align=center>0.07</td></tr>
<tr></tr><td align=center>adamas</td>
<td align=center>18</td>
<td align=center>0.05</td>
<td align=center>17</td>
<td align=center>0.05</td>
</tr><td align=center>kenchros (ML)
<td align=center>10</td>
<td align=center>0.03</td>
<td align=center>8</td>
<td align=center>0.02</td>
</tr><td align=center>oxutelês</td>
<td align=center>0</a></td>
<td align=center>0.00</td>
<td align=center>0</td>
<td align=center>0.00</td>

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