Re: Mercy Seat/Propitiatory

From: Michael Williams (
Date: Mon Apr 28 1997 - 10:30:19 EDT

The view that HILASTERION could be "Mercy Seat" in Romans 3:25 just as it
does in Hebrews 9:5 does have a long list of supporters. Douglas Moo
mentioned Origen, Theoderet, Luther, Calvin, and Bengel as advocates
(NICNT, 236).

Such a translation, however, has been questioned on the following grounds:

1. Romans does not move in the sphere of the Levitical system as does the
book of Hebrews. Morris, NTS (September 1955):41.
2. Though Christ is presented in the New Testament as both priest and
victim, He is never presented as the place of sprinkling . Sanday &
Headlam, ICC, 87.
3. Only the high priest saw the mercy-seat as he represented the people of
Israel. Paul uses PROEQETO Romans 3:25 to indicate that God "publicly set
forth Christ as a propitiation." Morris, ibid.

Perhaps this will be of some help in deciding what you will do with
HILASTERION in Romans 3:25.

Michael Williams

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