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Date: Thu May 01 1997 - 07:55:51 EDT

At 7:21 AM -0500 4/30/97, Michael Williams wrote:
>The article TON appears in an isolated position in 1 John 2:13 and 2:14,
>both times in the phrase HOTI EGNWKATE TON AP' ARCHS. In 2:14, it appears
>that the antecedent to TON is PATERA. But I have not found the antecedent
>for TON in 2:13 that easy to identify. Is it possible that TON in 2:13 is
>looking ahead to PATERA in 2:14, or is there an antecedent I'm overlooking?
> Also, I using UBS 4th. Is there a variant in 2:13 concerning this TON
>that perhaps is listed in NA?

There's no need to look for an antecedent; the usage in TON AP' ARCHS is
the very common and traditional one whereby an article with any adverbial
expression forms a substantive: hOI TOTE and hOI EN EKEINHi THi POLEI thus
mean, respectively, "the men/people of that time" and "the men/people in
that city." In the same manner here, hO AP' ARCHS means something like "the
aboriginal one." One could suppose it to refer either to God or to the
LOGOS, Christ, particularly since it is a Johannine theme to associate the
LOGOS with "the beginning," both in the prologue of the gospel and in the
proem of the First Letter.

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