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>> Quick question:
>> Regarding the verb SWZW, my understanding is that it contains
>> nuances of healing, curing, making well, etc. over and above
>> "salvation" as it is understood in the Christian (i.e. eternal)
>> sense.
>> Could people please comment on whether or not SWZW can mean the same
>> thing as QERAPEUW in certain circumstances???
>Certainly. In addition to Mk 10.52, SESWKEN, mentioned by Stephen
>Carlson, see also 5.34, again her faith saving/healing, perfect
>tense, with the added clauses hUPAGE EIS EIRHNHN and ISQI hUGIHS APO
>THS MASTIGOS. Mark's Jesus is piling it on here. There are plenty
>of other cases like this. It is not quite a matter of it meaning the
>'same' as QERAPEUW but more a question of overlap.

To piggyback on what Stephen and Mark have already noted, I'd like to
emphasize that I remember being surprised, as other new students of NT
Greek may also be, to find that SWZW covered such a range of meanings quite
apart from salvation in a religious sense. It means to "make safe," "to
rescue," "to preserve," "to restore." It should also be noted that SWTHR
was a political title before it was ever applied to any supernatural figure
in a religious cult, having been the title assumed by the first Ptolemy to
assume royal power in Alexandria.

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