Re: Mounce's Greek Grammar

Date: Sun Apr 27 1997 - 00:31:57 EDT

Well, I don't TEACH Greek (yet), but I am a student of it. Many moons ago we
used a wonderful grammar that has just recently been updated. It is called Es
sentials of New Testament Greek, by a guy named Ray Summers. Here is a short
list of some of the chapters in order . . .
Present active indicative verbs
Second declension nouns
First declension nouns
Adjectives of 1st & 2nd declension
Present passive indicative
Present passive indicative
Etc., etc., etc.
Even if you don't want to teach from this grammar, it may be useful to you as
a guide to show the order to teach from the grammar you DO use. A blend is
helpful to the student, especially if they are to translate any type of
practice sentences or scripture. Also, it is probably less frustrating/more
enjoyable learning a variety of skills during a given period of time. I
can't imagine coming to class for a whole sememster knowing that it would be
just more of the same thing!
Order yourself a copy of Summers. If nothing else, it would be an
inexpensive yet valuable addition to your library.

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