Re: Mounce's Greek Grammar

From: Rod Decker (
Date: Mon Apr 28 1997 - 09:00:07 EDT

I had expected Bill to comment on this himself, but he must be busy. If you
have not seen or used Mounce's grammar, please do not assume that students
never see verbs until half way through the book. All the translations are
from NT verses, most nearly full length, even in the early chapters. He
gives glosses for the verbs (and others forms the student has not met yet).

He also comments explicitly re. his rationale for holding verbs until
later. Juggling the chapters would introduce major problems--for more than
you might be trying to solve by doing so. If you must have your verbs early
in the semester (the more traditional approach), then you'd prob. be better
off with a diff. text.

I have used Bill's text since it was released (4 yrs. now I think?) and
have not noticed that student's have had any problem learning verbs. My
impression is actually the opposite.


 Rodney J. Decker Asst. Prof./NT Baptist Bible Seminary Clarks Summit, PA

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