Re: Acts 14:15, 21

From: Gregory Bloomquist (
Date: Wed Apr 30 1997 - 12:07:32 EDT

Musing further on Professor Wimbery's discussion of 14.21: is it possible
that the acc. following euangelizomai in 14.15 and 21 (unless D be
correct) could be construed as an accusative of respect (cf. adverbial
accusative), in which case 14.21 might be translated something like:
"proclaiming good news throughout that town" (which compares rather
surprisingly with 8.40, and could in fact be the reason for the confusion
in 8.40 itself, our original subject of discussion). Also, 14.15, which
does in fact have a valid object for euangelizomai in the infinitival
construct would then be translated (perhaps?): "proclaiming the good news
in your midst".

This may depend on Lk's use elsewhere of such a construction or even on
the existence of such a construct in koine, but I throw it into the pot
hoping that, even if it is a stone, it will lead others to throw in more
substantial food!

GREG BLOOMQUIST, Theology (Saint Paul University / University of Ottawa) /or/

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