Re: Asyndetische Parataxe?

From: Philip L. Graber (
Date: Thu May 08 1997 - 18:18:53 EDT

> I've been working through Reiser's _Syntax und Stil des
> Markusevangeliums_ and have run into his phrase "asyndetische
> Parataxe" (esp. in ch. 5)--which seems contradictory to me. Perhaps
> I just don't understand what that means; I've assumed that it is
> roughly "asyndetic parataxis." But asyndeton refers to stringing
> clauses together _without_ a connective, and parataxis refers to
> stringing clauses together with KAI. Both can't be true at the same
> time.

Actually, I've seen definitions of parataxis that make it synonymous
with asynendeton. But generally I believe parataxis is simply
understood as related sentences/clauses which are strung together and
on the same level as one another, and in this sense co-ordinated,
whether asyndetically or with conjunctions. This is contrasted to
hypotaxis, which refers to relations between clauses that are not on
the same level, generally referred to as a subordination relationship.
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