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From: John M. Sweigart (
Date: Sun May 11 1997 - 22:17:15 EDT

Larry & Beth Hartman wrote:
> I've been starting a study on 1st John.
> 1.) There are 4 relative pronouns "ho" in this verse. The first one is
> Nominative Neuter. I am pretty sure of this because the linkiing verb
> it corresponds to has the same personage. The next three I am not sure
> of. The verbs they are used with use the 1st person plural form, while
> "ho" is 3rd person singular. In these three cases would the relative
> pronoun be Nominative or Accusative, and why?
> 2.) At the end of 1st John 1:1 the phrase occurrs "peri tou logou ths
> zwhs". The "tou logou" is genitive with its corresponding preposition.
> Is the genitive phrase "ths zwhs" a Genitive Possessive or Genitive
> Content? Or are these not even in the ball park? And what reasons
> would be for the right answer?
> Larry A. Hartman
> Defense Language Institute Alumnus
> Department of Arabic Studies

Dear Larry;
 Welcome to one of the most difficult verses in the NT to diagram in my
> estimation. I would take the neuter prepositions to be accusatives. I
> am thinking that all the clauses "that which was from the beginning,
> that which we have heard, that which we have seen with our eyes, etc."
> are clauses that serve as direct object clauses of the verb "we are
> proclaiming..." In answer to the second part "concerning the
> word/message of life" the following options seem possible 1.
> epexegetical=the word which is life, 2. qualitative genitive=the life
> giving word, 3. objective genitive=the word about life, 4. My choice:
> genitive of product or result=the word that produces life/the word that
> results in life. Perhaps there are some others. Take your pick.

John of Dover

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