Re : 1st John 1:1

From: Larry & Beth Hartman (
Date: Mon May 12 1997 - 11:14:26 EDT

Everyone thank you so much:

        The response I got so far suggest that the final 3 "ho" are all
accusative. This is what I gather from my experience and background as
well. As far as being tricky, it may very well be, however if I am
careful it can be hammered out on my anvil head.

        The genitive used in the last phrase of the verse appears to be a
rather subjective opinion according to my responses. If it means
anything, I prefer Genitive of Content. While the word isn't life
itself, it may contain life. I haven't looked thoroughly at the
suggestions submitted yet, but I will possibly later today.

        Please stand by as I move on to verse 2 in the next couple days, I may
have more questions.

        The person who referenced Smyth's Grammar, could you give me some
section #'s so I can look that up, as I do have his work here with me
and available?

        Thanx ever so much,

Larry A. Hartman
Defense Language Institute Alumnus
Department of Arabic Studies

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