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Date: Wed May 14 1997 - 18:18:33 EDT

chris stanley ( wrote:

>Sorry I'm a little late with this addition to the discussion about Isiah
>in the LXX and in Paul, but I'm a bit slow in getting to my e-mail at
times. David Moore has properly
>translated the LXX text here (with one minor slip:
>"feet of ONE WHO BRINGS good news," etc.), and noted the fact that Paul stands
>much closer to the Hebrew here.

        I admit to having rendered the passage on the fly, and, after
looking at it closely, I see it should be translated as "feet of one who
brings." The Hebrew also supports Chris Stanley's translation, since RGLY
(feet) is in the construct state and corresponds to the participle MBS&R.
The latter being a participle probably rules out the Hebrew idiom in which
the construct state is used to indicate the following noun's use in an
adjective sense.

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