Isaiah 52:7 (LXX)

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Date: Mon May 12 1997 - 09:30:30 EDT

Sorry I'm a little late enteringSorry I'm a little late with this addition to the discussion about Isiah 52:7
in the LXX and in Paul, but I'm a bit slow in getting to my e-mail at times. David Moore has properly translated the LXX text here (with one minor slip:
"feet of ONE WHO BRINGS good news," etc.), and noted the fact that Paul stands
much closer to the Hebrew here. A careful study of the textual tradition here
shows that Paul was using a divergent tradition in this case, from a Greek text
that had already been revised to bring it closer to the Hebrew. For a more
detailed analysis, see Dietrich-Alex Koch, Die Schrift als Zeuge des Evangeliums (Mohr, 1986), pp. 66-69, or my own work, Paul and the Language of Scripture
(Cambridge University Press, 1990), pp. 134-41. Both books offer careful
"non-standard" text and when he
is actively adapting the wording for his own purposes. Hope this is helpful.

Christopher D. Stanley

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