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From: Micheal Palmer (
Date: Thu May 15 1997 - 00:45:36 EDT

At 7:18 PM +0000 5/14/97, Clayton Bartholomew wrote:

>I remember a few years ago when I was translating the Apocalypse of John
>reading in the commentaries and grammars that the Apocalypse was a
>grammatical nightmare, full of impossible constructions and syntactical
>barbarisms. But when Richmond Lattimore, a Homeric scholar, translated
>it he didn't find it hard to read. Wonder why?

When I translated it (both times) I didn't find it hard to read either. I
did find it to be 'full of impossible constructions and syntactical
barbarisms,' though. Specifically, I found it to read much like many of the
papers I have to read which are written by people who speak English as a
second language. They are often quite easy to understand, but they use
English in a way which no native speaker would.

Micheal W. Palmer
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