Re: Meaning of case

From: Paul Zellmer (
Date: Fri May 16 1997 - 23:52:09 EDT

Larry & Beth Hartman wrote:
> Edward Hobbs wrote:
> >American high school students of today often find that Shakespeare is difficult for them to understand; but the explanation is not that Shakespeare wrote bad English.
> I have often thought that instead of producing more translations, one
> seemingly for every English speaking sub-culture, the Church could do
> more to edify people by teaching them how to read English better.

And, Larry, which dialect of English should we teach them to read? And
do we extend the thought to other countries? Do we teach them to read
English rather that translate the Bible into their languages? And why
pick English? Perhaps we should teach all to read Greek and Hebrew.

I realize you are being a bit facetious, and I am responding in kind.
But the reality of matter is that the English taught in schools is not
the same dialect as the students and their families speak at home. I
would agree if you were suggesting a comprehension study be done before
embarking on some of these minor translations.

Let's hear it for a revival of Esperanto.


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