Re: Meaning of case

From: Larry & Beth Hartman (
Date: Sat May 17 1997 - 11:57:56 EDT

Paul Zellmer wrote:
> Let's hear it for a revival of Esperanto.

heheheheheh :-)

        In some ways yes I am being facetious, but yes I do think that the need
exists for English speaking people to be taught proper English better.
Unless I am quite wrong the literacy rates, at least in America, are
declining, which may quite well contribute to the multitudes of minor
dialects emerging. In my experience the lack of literacy was somewhat
evident at langugae school, when we all were coping with terminology and
concepts in our target language which we should have learned during our
English Grmmar instruction some years ago. This cross section of people
is considered by some the brightest that the American Armed Forces have
to offer.

        At any rate my post was only impromptu in nature (and a little off
topic), and perhaps doesn't deserve anymore attention.

Larry A. Hartman
U.S. Air Force Linguist Journeyman Veteran
Defense Language Institute Alumnus
Department of Arabic Studies

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