Re: Aktionsart vs. Aspect

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Sun May 04 1997 - 06:38:18 EDT

At 09:23 PM 5/3/97 -0700, Micheal Palmer wrote:
>Aktionsart is not a word which has been abandoned in favor of the newer
>term 'aspect'. It simply represents something different. Aktionsart
>describes a class of action. Aspect describes a way of viewing an action.

Thanks for the correction - where can I read about Aktionsart from a more
modern linguistic view?

>>To be more precise, I actually think that "kind of action" and "viewpoint"
>>are two different analogies used to model the same phenomena.
>It is, no doubt, tempting to accept this conclusion, but you will miss much
>of the value of the aspect debates if you do. Aktionsart and aspect are
>definitely not the same phenomena, although it is true that there is
>confusion in some of the literature on Greek because the terms are
>sometimes not used precisely.

This last phrase caught my attention: "there is confusion in some of the
literature on Greek because the terms are sometimes not used precisely." *I*
have certainly found it very difficult to wade through...

Does anybody discuss both Aktionsart and aspect in some level of precise
detail with respect to the Greek tenses? It would be helpful to see some


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