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Date: Sun May 04 1997 - 22:55:43 EDT

At 09:23 PM 5/3/97 -0700, Micheal Palmer wrote:
>They are definitely two different things. While it may be the case that the
>Greek grammarians who have used these terms in recent discussions of Greek
>aspect have not always been clear about the distinction between these
>terms, there is a clear distinction in the linguistics literature which has
>informed the work of people like Porter, Fanning, and Olsen. [More below]

I just looked at Mari Olsen's thesis again, and she clearly says (on page 9)
that Aktionsart is the same thing as lexical aspect, situation aspect,
inherent aspect, aspectual task, verb class, and predicate class.

Robertson's Aktionsart encompasses grammatical aspect as well as lexical

>>Personally, I think that linear = imperfective, punctiliar = perfective, and
>>perfected state = stative.
>The most obvious difference between these lists is the distinction between
>'punctiliar' aktionsart and 'perfective' aspect. Perfective means complete,
>whole, while 'punctiliar aktionsart' implies point in time occurance. These
>are two very different matters. An event can be discussed using perfective
>aspect event if the event did not occur at any single point in time.

Here, you seem to be talking about "grammatical aktionsart".

Mari's thesis is based on three factors:

1. Lexical aspect
2. Grammatical aspect
3. Tense

Are you suggesting that there is also "lexical aktionsart" and "grammatical
aktionsart"? It seems that you and Mari are using the term Aktionsart

Or am I hopelessly confused?


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