The new b-greek on-line GNT

From: Jim Beale (
Date: Thu May 15 1997 - 19:53:42 EDT


I've cobbled together a couple of cgi scripts for the benefit
of the b-greek community (including myself:) and I am interested
in feedback from those who have familiarity with Bible software
or anyone else who is interested.

The idea was to provide a simple, distributed means to access the
GNT and make use of the on-line texts, i.e. James Tauber's morphGNT.
I have plans to extend the capability to include the LXX.

What I would like is for a few volunteers who are familiar with
how such things ought to work to try it out and tell me what they

The URL is:

Hopefully the interface is sufficiently self-explanatory since I
haven't written any documentation to help you along. If anyone has
any questions about the tool, feel free to email me.

A couple of hints:

Anything in the text fields will be interpreted as a regular expression.
If you want to search for 'kata' as an individual word, and not as part
of a composite word, try '\bkata\b' (don't include the single quotes!)
'.' matches any character.

Friberg text only has a rough breathing token '(' - but if you put this
without _escaping_ it, it hoses up the search engine. :-( You need to
remember to type 'o\(' instead of 'o(' . . .

Lexical text has the full battery of accents and breathing marks, just
the same as CCAT text.

The Friberg tagging system is different from CCAT; we've had a little
discussion here recently with some input from Dr. Dale. If you're not
familiar with how it is encoded, then without help, it's going to be
an uphill battle.

To search for all present active indicative 3rd plural verbs set the
select to Friberg tag and type 'vipa--3p' into the textfield. (If you
select 'John' from the Target list you should get a list of 40 verbs).

It's kind of raw, and I suppose there will be somewhat of a learning
curve, but on the other hand, it's free, and that's hard to beat!

Anyway, any suggestions would be most appreciated!

In Christ,
Jim Beale

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