Re: The new b-greek on-line GNT

From: Jim Beale (
Date: Fri May 16 1997 - 13:17:43 EDT

On May 15, 9:49pm, Paul Dixon - Ladd Hill Bible Church wrote:

> Do you have Bible Software? If so, what do you think of it. I have yet
> to get any softward for Bible study, but am considering 1) if it is worth
> it, and 2) if so, what is the best one out there. Any suggestions?

No, I don't have any Bible software. That is one reason I decided to
write the cgi scripts I mentioned. (BTW, I know for certain that
quite a few people have tried to use it, but I haven't gotten a
single comment yet! It must be fine, because in my experience, people
usually only write when something is wrong . . :-(;-)

I'm quite sure that there are plenty of people on the list who do
have such software though, and perhaps a scan of the archives will
turn up some worthwhile information.

I think Jonathan, when he gets back from his maternity leave (oops!
paternity leave!!) can answer this question pretty easily. I think
that there are several developers of such software subscribed too.

I've heard that Logos software is excellent, but it seems expensive
to me. Plus, I'm currently a Mac person, though a suffering one, and
the majority of software packages run on the IBM-like platforms.
Plus, the texts are freely available, it's perfectly simple for me
to write the software myself.

Paul, can you try out the thingies (a Perl term -- one actually
blesses them, i.e. the thingies) I wrote? Maybe it will be
sufficient, and save you enough money to buy me a Christmas present?


In Christ,
Jim Beale

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