Re: The new b-greek on-line GNT

From: Paul Dixon - Ladd Hill Bible Church (
Date: Sat May 17 1997 - 12:45:13 EDT

On Fri, 16 May 1997, Jim Beale wrote:

> Paul, can you try out the thingies (a Perl term -- one actually
> blesses them, i.e. the thingies) I wrote? Maybe it will be
> sufficient, and save you enough money to buy me a Christmas present?

Jim et al:

Thanks, Jim, for your creation. It's great. For those who haven't tried
it out, be sure to do so. It's a Greek NT search machine. You're not
overly burdened with helpful documentation, but, hey, as Jim says, one
never complains when the price is so good. :)

Here is the plug again:

Jim, you said, "if you want to seach for kata as an individual word, and
not as part of a composite word, try '\bkata\b' (don't include single
quotes!)." I tried that and got all occurrences of kata and occurrences
of kata as a prefix. What gives?

Also, how would I find all occurrences of, let's say, agapaw in John in
the second person plural imperative? Possible?

Thanks again, Jim, for making this available.

Yours in Christ,

Paul Dixon

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