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From: Tim McLay (
Date: Sat May 17 1997 - 22:18:03 EDT

Apparently, I owe an apology to Bill. I must have missed something in the
post from which I quoted.
>tim's post did not seem to me to correspond to the point i was making.
>someone on anglican said that, if you could render it back into the original,
>it would be a translation, but, if not, it would be a paraphrase. i had been
>questioning that very assertion with my question and making the same point tim
>thought he was making to me.
>in the light of the dynamic equivalence rage, however, the question remains
>whether the distinction between translation and paraphrase could be made with
>sufficient clarity.
>bearded bill of asheville <>
>unca not having approved either whom or thereof.
>p.s. material like the TEV that professes to follow d. e. often yields results
>neithr dynamic nor equivalent.
Tim McLay

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