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Date: Tue May 20 1997 - 22:24:47 EDT

On Wed, 21 May 1997, Jeff Smelser wrote:
>In the archives, I found reference to a couple of articles by
>H.P. Hamann who notes that
>"'equippping of the saints for work in His service' makes the noun carry
>its meaning through the dependent genitive to the following
>prepositional phrase"
>which, says Hamann, is an unprecedented use of the word. He doesn't say that
>such a verbal use of the noun is impossible, only that "the probabilities
>are all the other way." (Henry P. Hamann "Church and Ministry: An Exegesis
>of Ephesians 4:1-16," _Lutheran Theological Journal_ 16 (1982):121-28. Also
>see "The Translation of Ephesians 4:12--A Necessary Revision," _Condordia
>Journal_ 14 (1988): 42-29). Any comments on this point?

Only some wild speculation. LSJ defines the word like this: :
> katart-ismos, ho, restoration, reconciliation, Sm.Is.38.12.
>II. ti=Sm. Settling of a limb, Heliod.ap.Orib.49.1.1 (pl.), Sor.1.73 (pl.).
>III. furnishing, preparation, auls PTeb.33.12 (ii B.C.);
>himation PRyl. 127.28 (i A.D.).
>IV. training, discipline, tn hagin Ep.Eph.4.12.

The first three senses are all very interesting here. Can we assume that the
saints that are being discussed here need to be changed, restored, set like
a broken arm, furnished like an empty house? Or maybe all saints are like an
empty house without the spirit.

Reconciliation and restoration? See the early part of chapter 4.

Settling of a limb? hmmm...EIS OIKODOMHN *TOU SOMATOS*. This seems to refer
to putting a broken limb into place so that it will heal.

Furnishing? hmmm...EIS *OIKODOMHN* TOU SOMATOS.


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