From: BTHURMAN@unca.edu
Date: Wed May 21 1997 - 07:29:13 EDT

jonathan asks: <<Can we assume that the saints that are being discussed here
need to be changed, restored, set like a broken arm, furnished like an empty

not really.

to demonstrate a thought map one should find as many contemporary settings
wherein a word occurs as possible, and note the sense in each setting that
necessitates a sense. from all the senses discoverable, a generic signification
will have been generated. one then must fix upon an import suitable to the
locus in question.

one must always guard against transferring to the locus in question a specific
sense warranted by another setting into the setting at hand that does not
require it.

analogous situation: someone found a text where a commander on concluding a
campaign said tetelectai 'it is finished' and forthwith concluded that our Lord
was using 'a military figure' --

this had no more basis than to assert that He had finished weaving a garment or
filling an irrigation ditch. dumb stuff, nt greek.

bearded bill of asheville <bthurman@unca.edu>
unca not having approved either whom or thereof.
p.s. not that it's really dumb stuff, but that some high % of assertions
partake of much the same character.

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