Titus 2.11-12a

From: Perry L. Stepp (plstepp@flash.net)
Date: Wed May 21 1997 - 03:57:53 EDT

Hello, all.

I'm looking at Titus 2.11-12a, which is usually translated along the lines
of "the grace of God has appeared for the salvation of all men, training us
to renounce impiety . . . ." The punctuation of the NA27 suggests a
different possibility, and I'm wondering what the ins and outs are for this
particular reading. I don't know of any commentators who have addressed
it, but my resources are limited when it comes to the Pastorals.

The NA27 punctuation suggests that the text might be read as follows: "For
the grace of God has appeared, training us [to work for?] the salvation of
all men, in order that we should renounce impiety, . . . ."

Is this translation possible? Does the punctuation indeed suggest this
reading, or am I imagining things? Do any commentators/translators discuss
it? What are the arguments relating to it?

Grace and peace,

Perry L. Stepp

Pastor, DeSoto Christian Church, DeSoto TX
Ph.D. candidate in New Testament, Baylor University

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