Meta Model of a Language

From: Lex Kuhta (
Date: Mon May 26 1997 - 17:43:13 EDT

I am interested in Clayton Bartholomew"s idea of a meta model.
Has anyone tried to make such a meta model of NT Greek?
What does it look like? Any sites where we could view one?

Lee Martin mentioned writing a grammar of Hebrew so I thought I'd throw
out an idea. In trying to "get" hebrew, I came upon the analogy of
identifying Hebrew word forms in the same way a submarine commander
would identify boats seen in his periscope - by their "profile."

For example, if XXX stands for the three consonants of a root word,
then, reading right to left:


     XXX = a root
     XXXH = the root (where H = ha)
     XXXL = to a root (where L = li)
     XXXM = from a root (where M = min)


     XXX = a root
    HXXX = a rootess
   MYXXX = roots (Y = yod; M = mem)
   TOXXX = rootesses (O = holem vav; T = tav)
  MYAXXX = a pair of roots (A = patach)
    -XXX = a root of _____
    YXXX = my root
    OXXX = his root
   AKXXX = your root

It's just another way to reinforce the prefixes and suffixes.
Come to think of it, I think a book called The First Hebrew Primer uses
XXX to illustrate word formations but I don't recall seeing all the
combinations set out on a one page "profile recognition sheet."
It's just a thought.

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