Dan Wallace update

From: Eric Weiss (eweiss@acf.dhhs.gov)
Date: Wed May 28 1997 - 10:50:35 EDT

You can continue to receive updates on Dan Wallace at the
http://www.bible.org "The Prof's Soapbox" page. Here is the latest, for
those of you who don't have Internet access:

May 12 Update: For all of you who read and enjoy the Prof's Soapbox,
we'd like to inform you that
Prof. Dan Wallace, the author of these articles, has been very ill for
several weeks. He was hospitalized
for 17 days which resulted in a diagnosis of a migraine-induced viral
encephalitis (brain swelling). He is
now at home but totally incapacitated about 22 hours a day. Recuperation
is expected to be very slow
over the next few months. Dan has had a 25-year headache and is on
maximum pain-killers. Please
pray for Dan's recovery. If you'd like to write Dan and let him know you
are praying for him, reach him
at: beegleman@aol.com.

May 25 Update: Dan has also been diagnosed with late stage Lyme Disease.
When caught late it is
treated with six weeks to a year of daily doses of antibiotics via IV
with a fair to poor chance for full
recovery. Damage ranges from mild (fatigue and memory loss) to severe
(massive fatigue and
permanent memory erosion). He is feeling much stronger due to the
antibiotics. He is awake more and
able to work a couple of hours each day. His legs are getting worse,
however, and he has to be in a
wheelchair or use a walker.

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