periphrastic imperfect in Luke

From: Mark Goodacre (
Date: Wed May 28 1997 - 10:38:01 EDT

I would like to return briefly to the discussion of a week or
so about the HN DIDASKWN in Luke. Over the bank-holiday weekend I
have been reading the latest volume by the Griesbach crowd - Alan
McNicol et al, *Beyond the Q Impasse: Luke's Use of Matthew*
(Valley Forge: TPI, 1996). They repeatedly mention HN DIDASKWN as a
characteristic of Luke and refer to a dissertation on Luke's
linguisitic usages by F. Collison.

Has anyone else, out of interest, seen the Collison thesis (which is
unpublished)? Or this latest volume by McNicol and co.? And has
anyone else drawn attention to periphrastic imperfects as a
characteristic of Luke? I do not have my own copy of Cadbury's
*Style and Literary Method* which is what I would really like to be
able to consult.

Kind wishes to all

Mark. [ PS May I add my voice to those appreciative of Carl Conrad's
exposition of the use of voice? I found this most helpful and

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