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Date: Thu May 29 1997 - 19:17:30 EDT

Greg Carey - Religion wrote:
> I am writing an article on teaching the Book of Revelation, especially in
> relation to the popular "bible prophecy" movement. If you have taught the
> Apocalypse and are interested in contributing to the project, I would
> appreciate your brief response to the following questions. Clearly, this is an
> unscientific survey, but I expect it to be helpful.
> In what courses do you discuss the Book of Revelation (introductory, courses on
> apocalyptic literature, courses on the Apocalypse, other)?
> When you teach the Book of Revelation, do you refer to popular interpretations
> of it, such as those of Hal Lindsey, Jack Van Impe, and the like?
> If you refer to those popular interpreters, how do you deal with them?
> Thank you for your help. The article will appear in a volume edited by Tina
> Pippin, called _Teaching Apocalypse_, which will be published by Scholars Press.
> (Apologies to those for whom this is off-topic or who may get double-postings.)
> --Greg Carey
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> Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
> Rhodes College
> Memphis, TN 38112 USA

Dear Greg;

I don't know whether teaching the book at the local church level would
qualify but I have taught through it several times and would be willing
to lend any help I could.

My audience normally does not have much familiarity with Hal Lindsey
although I graduated from the same school as he nor do they watch Jack
van Impe.

I do not normally mention them since I am more interested in planted the
students firmly in a historical context when the book was written and
then developing a futuristic interpretation from that.

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