anokaluyic = apocalypsis

Date: Fri May 30 1997 - 06:59:17 EDT

on mondays at 'just as you are', a christian coffeehouse in asheville on
lexington avenue i read greek and field questions at monday brunch.

the apocalypse is the current reading. we simply follow the instructions of the
document about reading, hearing and keeping, to get the blessing.

the only sense in which i interpret will have been to discuss what the wording
causes one to think john saw or heard, e.g. were the stars in or on the hand of
the one who walks among the lampstands?

my concern with christianism (i was raised tentative atheist) has kept me open
minded enough to try to assimilate the major theses of movements:
christadelphianism, church of G_d of abrahamic faith, scofield
dispensationalism, premillenial views of r. h. boll in campbellite context, &c.
&c. in greece for a while i was affiliated with enclaves, some remaining in
orthodoxy and some outside thereof, that studied the prophets of israel
intensively -- all this made it seem quite clear to me how, in the name of
following true blue, groups could end up denying the force of wording in
scripture that they found hard to reconcile to their prior decisions.

basic to most systems will have been an adoption of pigpaths through daniel, as
well as the apocalypse, and it has been a source of curiosity to me that
daniel's own interpretation of the bar enosh figure (as the 'people of the
saints of the Most High) which is duly acknowledged in most rabbinic
scholarship seems to have been twisted by most christians into referring to
Jesus as an individual person. this proves a salient matter to me, because we
have so many adventists in the asheville area, who lean heavily on uriah smith
and other adventist apocalypticists who commit that error.

bearded bill of asheville <>
unca not having approved either whom or thereof.

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