Re: Wallace Indices and "Please be seated!" (was Re: Romans 9:22)

Date: Mon Jun 02 1997 - 17:04:04 EDT

What would be really handy would be a massive index of all the great Greek
grammars.... Baker published one a while ago with Scripture references,
which saves all the trouble of looking in the back of every volume on your
shelf, but it doesn't include Wallace or any of the newer grammars.

Another question: I've recently graduated from seminary, and my Greek is
okay but needs work. It was good enough to get me through a 3-hour
comprehensive (translate 20+ verses and parse a number of verbs), but .... I
have Dana and Mantey, BDF, and Machen. What (preferably in order of
importance) should my next purchases be? Wallace? Moulton-Turner?

Looking forward to responses,


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