Re: Wallace Indices and "Please be seated!" (was Re: Romans 9:22)

From: lakr (
Date: Mon Jun 02 1997 - 17:23:56 EDT

> What would be really handy would be a massive index of all the great Greek
> grammars.... Baker published one a while ago with Scripture references,
> which saves all the trouble of looking in the back of every volume on your
> shelf, but it doesn't include Wallace or any of the newer grammars.
> Another question: I've recently graduated from seminary, and my Greek is
> okay but needs work. It was good enough to get me through a 3-hour
> comprehensive (translate 20+ verses and parse a number of verbs), but .... I
> have Dana and Mantey, BDF, and Machen. What (preferably in order of
> importance) should my next purchases be? Wallace? Moulton-Turner?
> Robertson?
> Looking forward to responses,
> John

I wish I could help you, but your comment regarding a comprehensive
interests me. For a person (like me) trying to teach themselves Greek an
objective test which could serve as a yardstick of proficiency would
be quite useful.

Has anyone every heard of somethng like this ?

Larry Kruper

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