dance conference/ bear

Date: Tue Jun 03 1997 - 09:06:43 EDT

yep. tell thomas i can try to mail it, if you want, sooner. otherwise i hope to
bring him along sunday or monday.

fine teenagers sarah and katie in our dance company want to take in the whole
week teresa has planned and sue wants me to take it in too. how much space can
you spare or find with others? please let us know. thanks. really did enjoy
mitchell trip and thanks for all trouble you went to to plan it. yet i can
still sense some feeling at times that simply could not take another step,
espcially, believe it or not (in view of my uphill slowness at times),

please try to let me know soon of disposition re sarah and katie.

if i bring truck, i'll try to sleep in rear thereof, i think.

computer's had problems and i'm slow of responding to much.

love daddy/ grandaddy, shalom,
bearded bill of asheville <>
unca not having approved either whom or thereof.

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