emeva sugxopeite or oops!

From: BTHURMAN@unca.edu
Date: Tue Jun 03 1997 - 09:34:46 EDT

if that puzzled you, please emena synchoreite (forgive me). it was for my son
david and i don't know how i managed to send it to b-greek!

did want, though, to say 2 things to this list:

on the ou nac u pas problems, the hebrew idiom that supposed 'not all' means
none instead of some needs to be taken into account in many instances.

also that, if those on the list would specify formal or functional middle every
time they use the term, it would probably eliminate a high percentage of the
verbiage that has passed. care regarding the distinction will have been one of
the great advantages of adopting peripatetic, as opposed to traditional stoic,

bearded bill of asheville <bthurman@unca.edu>
unca not having approved either whom or thereof.

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