From: Andrew Kulikovsky (killer@cryogen.com)
Date: Fri Jun 06 1997 - 04:19:28 EDT

> I totally agree. Care means for me to not step into the Grand Canyon
> because one can see the complete scene. However, with a microscope one
> may never see the edge of the canyon before it is too late.Also, my
> question has always been, did the original reader try to analyze every
> word to the most microscopic degree of understanding that we do today?
> For, when I converse with someone today, we do not analyze every word we
> write or say in this manner. We just understand each other. What are we
> missing or overlooking with the Koine? Should we look at the total
> scenery versus every vein on every leaf? I can't say, but I'm still
> learning. And, apparantly, so is everyone else.
> "Grow in grace and Knowledge."

I sure am glad to see this! Communication happens in sentences
(propositions and questions) not in words.

I am sick of hearing sermons that are simply a long list of (very badly
done) word studies.


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