Re: Punctuation in Greek Unicals

From: Robert J. Petry, C.L. (
Date: Fri Jun 06 1997 - 00:02:54 EDT

Clayton Bartholomew wrote:

> Re: Punctuation in Greek Unicals
> I agree with Robert, we need to read the text with care. However, I
> don't think that means
> we need to read it through a microscope. You don't understand most
> literature by looking
> at it with a microscope. I had a friend who was forced in school to do
> an excruciatingly
> detailed analysis of "The Sun Also Rises", by Hemingway. He finished
> the paper and never
> did understand the novel at all.

I totally agree. Care means for me to not step into the Grand Canyon
because one can see the complete scene. However, with a microscope one
may never see the edge of the canyon before it is too late.Also, my
question has always been, did the original reader try to analyze every
word to the most microscopic degree of understanding that we do today?
For, when I converse with someone today, we do not analyze every word we
write or say in this manner. We just understand each other. What are we
missing or overlooking with the Koine? Should we look at the total
scenery versus every vein on every leaf? I can't say, but I'm still
learning. And, apparantly, so is everyone else.
"Grow in grace and Knowledge."
Bob Petry, C.L.

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