Re: Greek text of Irenaeus?

Date: Fri Jun 06 1997 - 16:57:30 EDT

In a message dated 6/6/97 8:00:37 PM, Rodney J. Decker wrote:

>I'm looking for an in-print edition of Irenaeus in Greek. Our library has
>agreed to add it to the collection, but they want to know specifics. The
>only recent edition that I've been able to find is the German polyglot
>edition noted below (I assume it is still in print). Is this the standard,
>scholarly edition? Are there any other options? (Our MDiv students will not
>make use of the German!) Or are there good, out-of-print editions for which
>I should search?

Rod, check the Sources Chretienes collection from France for a critical
edition, remembering that most of Irenaeus' extant texts are in Latin, not
Greek. This collection offers some of the best critical editions of early
church history texts available. If a less exact edition is suitable, the
Loeb Classical Library editions from Harvard would be affordable for students
and offer the original language with an English translation on the facing

Bill Warren
Professor of New Testament and Greek
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

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