Re: Logic biblical?

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Sat Jun 07 1997 - 23:20:45 EDT

>> If this question is O.B. (out of bounds) please let me know! :-)
>A most relevant topic, I would think, Jim. Should we start with defining
>logic and grammar? Somebody give it a stab?

Please don't...

This is my opinion only, and does not represent the list in any way, but
this thread has consumed lots of messages for something only very remotely
related to Greek, and I doubt very much that we are going to make much
headway on it because we just don't have the right background and this isn't
the right place to discuss it. (For instance, nobody in this discussion
seems to be particularly aware of the ramifications that both Turing and
Goedel have independently proven that any complete formal system is
inconsistent, and any consistent formal system is incomplete...but I *don't*
want to start another discussion on that...) For me, protracted discussions
on a subject are most interesting when a fair number of the participants
have enough background to discuss the subject intelligently and to
appreciate the intelligent contributions of others. Frankly, I'm not
convinced that people have demonstrated that kind of background on this subject.

It is fine to wander off a little, but when most of the messages on B-Greek
are off-topic, it makes the list much less valuable for me. Personally, I
would appreciate it if people could pay attention to how many messages are
off-topic - we can afford a little meandering when most things are
pertinent, but when most messages aren't, it isn't a good time to spawn
grand new subjects...

This is my opinion only, and does not represent the list in any way.


Jonathan Robie
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