Re: Logic biblical?

Date: Sun Jun 08 1997 - 13:00:04 EDT

At the risk of belaboring this point, I think that there are two
exegetical points to be made on this very issue:

1) Logic is not originated by men. It is God who determines truth. So,
when we exegete, we can say that the truths we exegete are truly

2) Because God is the author of fact and truth, then when we exegete, we
can rely on that consistency.

Imagine the exegetical chaos if we were to apply relativism to exegesis.

I think that Carl's caution is valid, to a degree. Many times what is
called "logic" is considered the arbiter of truth. Because a fact is
incomprehensible, it is considered illogical. Many precious truths have
been rejected on that principle. But, as Carl reminded us, some things
in scripture are beyond us by our human grasp alone.

At the same time, we should never view that God himself is illogical, for
God cannot lie and, I would extend the point, God cannot contradict his

Simply because ancient Greeks recognized logic does not mean that logic
is invalid. Caution simply dictates that we be concious of where human
logic will end.

Mike Porter

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