I'm for Greek!

From: CAREY@rhodes.edu
Date: Wed Jun 18 1997 - 22:20:44 EDT

Dear Greek F(r)iends,

I appreciate your calls for Greek-only posts. If there's anyone on
the list who likes rabbit-chasing, I'm among the most guilty.

I do wonder, however, exactly how we construct these boundaries.
If all we want are text-critical and philological comments, then I'm
less interested than if we welcome some questions like:
        - what's a parable?
        - how did ancient social and literary contexts shape the
        meaning of texts?
I'm not interested in going into methodology or theology on this list,
but I do think issues such as these are important for our Greek

Would appreciate your feedback and will submit to the larger wisdom of
the group.

Greg Carey
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Rhodes College
Memphis TN 38112 USA

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