Genealogy of Jesus

Date: Thu Jun 19 1997 - 12:06:04 EDT

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Regarding the genealogy of Jesus. I believe that it is likely that
ANDPA in Matthew 1:16 refers to Joseph the father of Mary not the
husband of Mary. Thus the genealogy in Matthew is according to the
flesh Mary the seed of David while that in Luke is according to man the
son of Joseph also the seed of David. Outside of this verse I know of
no collaborating evidence that Mary's father was named Joseph but it
does not seem incredible that he might of been. This understanding
would also seem to fit the counting of the generations in Matthew.
According to 1:17 there are fourteen generations from the carrying away
into Babylon unto Christ:

 1. Salathiel
 2. Zorobabel
 3. Abiud
 4. Eliakim
 5. Azor
 6. Sadoc
 7. Achim
 8. Eliud
 9. Eleazar
10. Matthan
11. Jacob
12. Joseph the ANDPA of Mary
13. Mary
14. Jesus

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