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>Regarding the genealogy of Jesus. I believe that it is likely that
>ANDPA in Matthew 1:16 refers to Joseph the father of Mary not the
>husband of Mary. Thus the genealogy in Matthew is according to the
>flesh Mary the seed of David while that in Luke is according to man the
>son of Joseph also the seed of David. Outside of this verse I know of
>no collaborating evidence that Mary's father was named Joseph but it
>does not seem incredible that he might of been. This understanding
>would also seem to fit the counting of the generations in Matthew.
>According to 1:17 there are fourteen generations from the carrying away
>into Babylon unto Christ:

Well... ANDRA (ANHR) is the standard word for 'husband'. The formula TON
ANDRA + name-of-the-woman-in-the-genitive-case (which appears here in
Matthew 1:16) is a standard formula for 'the husband of +
name-of-the-woman' which is used liberally in the biblical and
extra-biblical literature.

As far as I know--and aparently as far as the great lexicographers have
known-- this formula is never used to give the name of a woman's father in
any known Greek literature (including the Bible). If anyone knows of an
example where this formula IS used to mean "the father of +
name-of-the-woman", please tell us where to find it.

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