Re: Revelation and Fourth Gospel

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Sun Jun 22 1997 - 15:09:10 EDT

>Debbie Gaunt wrote:
>. . .I have been looking at these two books and am inclined to agree
>with the opinion that the Greek used is pretty convincing evidence that
>the Revelation was not written by the Evangelist. Can anybody comment
>on the pros and cons of this position?

My first degree was in Audiology, and I used to work in a lab that analyzed
tapes, generally flight recorder tapes or recordings from phone calls
associated with kidnappings or other serious crimes. We had to identify
voice features, systematically sample the general population for these
features, and determine the odds that a particular set of features could
occur in someone other than the person we thought it was.

Before I believe *any* analysis that says whether the same author wrote two
works, I would like to see a method developed with this degree of rigor,
then tested on some form of literature we are familiar with. These methods
are available to us, so why not use them?


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