Revelation and Fourth Gospel

From: Brian E. Wilson (
Date: Sun Jun 22 1997 - 10:05:18 EDT

>Debbie wrote:

>. . .I have been looking at these two books and am inclined to agree
>with the opinion that the Greek used is pretty convincing evidence that
>the Revelation was not written by the Evangelist. Can anybody comment
>on the pros and cons of this position?


I would say that you are right that the style of the Gospel of John is
very different from the style of Revelation. This is merely a comparison
of two books, however. The style of a book is not necessarily the style
of the writer of a book. The writer of the Gospel of John may have been
using documentary sources, and he may have writing in their style, not
his own. To discover whether the Gospel of John and Revelation had
different authors, you would need to solve the problem of what sources
John used in his Gospel, and how he used them. Revelation and the Fourth
Gospel could have been written by the same person in spite of their
radically different styles.

Brian E. Wilson


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