Re: Revelation and Fourth Gospel

From: Roy Millhouse (
Date: Tue Jun 24 1997 - 00:26:08 EDT

>Much thanks to Edgar Krentz for bringing this discussion down to earth.
>Much of the discussion centered on the abstract question whether a
>person (ANQRWPOS) can write in difference styles, without looking at
>the nature of the specific differences. When one does so, one finds
>that the basic competence in the Greek language is quite, even strikingly,
different. This basic fact >must be explained, not glossed over.

Was it glossed over? I seem to recall quite a few responses dealing with
the possiblity of an amenuensis being responsible for the variance in
style. You might not accept the explanation, but it was, in fact, an
attempt to deal with the issue you raise.

Roy Millhouse
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