Re: Revelation and Fourth Gospel

From: David McKay (
Date: Mon Jun 23 1997 - 05:57:26 EDT

23rd June, 1997
Concerning an author's use of language, and what he could or could not
have written, in the book "The Grace of God and the Bondage of the Will"
Wayne Grudem has a footnote in which he uses the words "save" and
"saving" to refer to saving money and using a hard disk drive. But in
the rest of the article, there are 30 instances of the words having a
theological meaning. To say that he could not have written the footnote
because he always uses the words in a theological sense is to forget
that an author may have different purposes in different writings.

The subject matter of the fourth gospel and the Revelation are quite
different. Would we expect the language to be the same?

David McKay

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